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It is typical for many homes in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach to have a portion of their roof system that is flat. Many commercial and industrial buildings are built with flat roofs as well. Understanding the different options will help you make a better choice when it comes to which flat roof system to install on your property.


Three Types of Miami Flat Roofing Systems

Materials Used In a Flat Roof Replacement

There are 3 main types of flat roof systems found in Miami and Broward. The first are called "Hot mop" systems or BUR systems (stands for built up roofing). Layers of roofing felts are coated with hot tar or hot asphalt and finally covered with some type of gravel or stone. The final layer of the bur roofing system assists with protecting the flat roof from the sun and makes it more durable.

The second type of flat roof is a modified built-up roof called a modified bitumen roof system. Modified bitumen roofing systems use a base sheet with layers of asphalt (modified bitumen) that use fiberglass or polyester as reinforcement. A final mineral layer is added for wear and tear. These roofing systems are great at resisting the extreme temperatures found in the south Florida region.

The third type of flat roof is a TPO roof or EPDM roof. Known as single ply roofing systems, these are waterproof membranes that come in rolls and are adhered using mechanical attachment or an adhesive to the roof surface. TPO roofing systems are lightweight and energy efficient reflecting ultraviolet light saving on energy costs. Single ply membranes are also easier to install and are the best of the flat roofing solutions especially when they are tapered and insulated.

What are the disadvantages flat roofs?

The main disadvantage of flat roofing and low slope roofs in general is poor drainage. Water can pond on the surface resulting in deterioration of the materials. This means that the flat roof surface is less durable and will need to be replaced more often than a pitched tile or metal roof system.

How many years does a flat roof last?

The longevity of a flat roof can vary greatly depending on the conditions and the type of flat roof installation. BUR systems can last from 10-15 years depending on when and if pooling of water occurs on the roof surface. A single ply system can last from 15-25 years depending on the quality of the sbs membranes.

What is best for a commercial flat roof?

Either of the afore mentioned options are acceptable for commercial roofing. Typically, newer structures will use tpo membranes with replacements opting for the BUR roofing systems.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial flat roof?

The life expectancies of roof coatings for most commercial buildings are the same as residential. It is going to depend on the climate conditions, quality of the roofing material and good maintenance. Building owners should consider all these factors when deciding on what to use for their roofing project.

What is the cheapest option for a flat roof?

BUR non insulated roofing systems are the most cost efficient. They are also the shortest lasting option so if you plan on owning a building for a long time, the need to replace the roof more frequently would actually mean they are more expensive in the long term.

For cost savings, there is also the possibility to do a repair to a residential or commercial roof by recovering the outer layer but that would depend on the condition of the underlying roof and structure.

How much does a flat top roof cost?

A flat roof replacement ranges in pricing depending on the system used. BUR systems can cost around $8 to $9 per roof square foot. However, for many residential projects, heat resistance is very important. In this case, a TPO roof is typically installed with insulation which is a necessity, or the home will have difficulty being cooled by the AC unit. Insulation adds to the cost so these roofing systems can cost $12-$14 per roof square due to the added costs of the insulation. It is also recommended to taper the roof properly to allow water to run-off and prevent pooling.

What is the price to fix a flat roof?

Flat roof repairs are always a potential option if the roof is in fairly good condition and the damage is minor. Flat roof repair will depend more or less on the size and extent of the area and materials needed. Water damage is the most expensive problem especially if it is left for a period to turn into mold. It is best to call a roofing contractor like Pro-Form Roofing who offers flat roof repairs as one of its roofing services so they can inspect the entire roof, assess the extent of the damage, determine how much roofing materials will be needed to fix the damage and also give you an estimate for a full roof replacement. This will allow a building owner to determine the best course of action moving forward.

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How long do roof shingles last?

As mentioned, asphalt shingles can last as little as 15 years when subjected to the elements. If well maintained, 3-tab shingle roofing should last over 20 years depending on the manufacturer.

Everything You Need To Know About A Roof Warranty

It's important to examine the details of the warranty and determine if it comes from the roofer or manufacturer. Warranties from roofers should be viewed as highly suspect as it is commonplace for roofing companies to go out of business in which case the warranty would be completely useless.

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