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From the sky, you can see the many tile roofs that adorn the tops of houses in Miami, Broward and the Palm Beaches. Tile roofing offers numerous benefits for homeowners including the aesthetic appeal that has become the hallmark of South Florida homes.

Different South Florida Tile Roofing Materials

The world of roofing tiles has options as far as styles, colors and material types from which a homeowner can choose. The two most popular tile roof materials are concrete tile roofs and clay roof tiles.

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Although clay tiles have been around since the Neolithic era of human history, the industrial expansion of the late 1800s and the need for a fireproof solution for homes created a boom in the popularity of tile roofs. European immigrants brought the style to Miami with the first tile roof home being John Deering’s winter home built in 1916.

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing resists insects as well as algae growth. Tile roofs are energy efficient saving on cooling costs. They are more durable than shingles and, with proper maintenance and repairs, last longer. They provide a distinct look to the home reminiscent of mediterranean architecture. They are also capable of resisting high winds and even fire along with hot weather.

However, some cons to tile roofing are cracked and broken tiles which, if ignored, can lead to severe water damage and mold within the home. Tile roofs are very heavy with each individual tile weighing 7-10 lbs or 700-1000 lbs per roof square foot. The heavy weight can cause the underlying trusses to warp which leads to structural damage which can lead to water penetration which leads to even more warping of the roof structure.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are very common in Miami and the surrounding areas of Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach. The "terra cotta' color withstands age and they are more durable when compared to concrete tiles. They also absorb less water making them more resistant to mold and mildew. Clay tile has more durability than concrete.

Can clay tiles help reduce energy costs?

Traditional clay tiles are very energy efficient which is very beneficial in South Florida. The direct sunlight can be intense and long-lasting which makes the weather resistant properties of clay tile extremely useful.

Energy Efficiency- What It Means For You

Energy efficiency is not only about being environmentally friendly, it has a cost benefit for many homeowners. The roof and windows are the two ways hot air enters a home. By creating insulation, the ac works less and last longer which also lowers the power consumption of the home.

barrel tile roof

Cracked Roof Tiles

Clay tile roofs are very durable except they can break easily when an object hits them. Flying debris and even people walking on the roof can result in cracked tiles. As mentioned, cracked tiles can lead to further damage. While they are low maintenance if the individual tiles are replaced quickly, a clay tile roof can incur extensive costs when damage is left unrepaired.

Damaged Flashing

Properly installed metal flashing is crucial for protection of a tile roof around roof-to-wall or roof-to -chimney connections. If tiles are damaged next to the flashing, this can cause leaks so these are areas that should be inspected frequently as part of proper maintenance.

Why are clay tiles not commonly used for roofing?

In many parts of the country, clay tiles are not commonly used due the cost and weight. Because they are heavy, many homes in parts of the United States are not built with proper structural support to handle the weight.

In addition, clay tiles can be fairly expensive when compared to asphalt shingles which makes other roofing materials more popular with home builders looking to minimize costs and maximize profits.

Comparing Clay Tile with Other Roofing Materials

Metal roofing has become more and more popular in South Florida over the last decade. Metal roofing material is the most durable option out of any of the other roofing systems. Metal is also more expensive although recent increases in tile costs have made a high-quality standing seam roof almost the same price as tile.

Asphalt shingles are usually 30-40% less expensive when compared to tile. They typically last from only 15-20 years and can be damaged easily in severe storms. A shingle or asphalt roof is also much less energy efficient. The lower upfront price for these roofs is offset by tile roofing's longevity.

How many years does a clay tile roof last?

Under proper conditions with frequent maintenance checks, clay tile roofs can last as much as 100 years. However, in South Florida this is usually not the case. The weight of the tile causes issues over time. Flying debris from tropical storms frequently damages the roof and the sealant on the flashing is only warranted for 20 years maximum.

For this reason, insurance companies will usually not insure a roof that is over 30 years old so this is the typical lifespan.

Clay Tile Roof Maintenance

Clay tile roofs should be checked yearly and after any serious storm. Flashing should be resealed as needed depending on the age and all cracked clay tiles should be replaced immediately. If the roof has been damaged for a while, it might be necessary to replace most of the roofing tiles in a particular section of the roof so that the wood underneath can also be replaced. This will prevent wet areas from growing dangerous black mold over time.

If long term, the weight of the tiles have warped the underlying roof structure, then most roofing tiles in a given area will be displaced, creating an opportunity for water to get through to the underlayment. While it is considerably less expensive to repair a roof than to buy a new roof, at some point the repairs will become extensive.

Concrete Tiles

Another popular alternative to clay tile is concrete tile. Concrete tiles have all of the same characteristics as clay tiles except for one important exception in that certain concrete roof tiles are lighter than clay tiles. This means that over time they put much less stress on the underlying roof structure. They are also more impact resistant although they will also crack like tile roofing.

Benefits of A Concrete Roof

As mentioned, a concrete tile roof can be a long-lasting roof if maintained. Concrete tiles can absorb more water than clay tiles but this isn't necessarily an issue. They are made in many different styles and carry the same fire rating as clay tiles do. Because concrete tile roofs absorb water, they can be more prone to mold and mildew. When the water soaks through the concrete it can begin to wear away the underlayment and cause degradation.

Roof Tile Installation Methods

Roof tiles can be attached to the roof several ways. A common approach is to use a type of polyurethane foam to attach the tile to the deck. The foam expands and hardens securing the individual tile to the roof. Mortar is used to seal ridge tiles and hep seal roof vents.

In some cases, when using a weaker tile like Mediterranean clay tiles, battens are used to help anchor the individual tiles to the roof deck. These are wooden strips that are attached to the deck with the tile laid on top.

Aesthetics: Tile Styles

Here are the common styles of roofing tiles found in Miami, Broward and Palm Beaches. There are barrel tiles also called Spanish tiles, S tiles and tiles with flat profiles. See below some examples of the different styles.

How Much Does a Tile Roofing Replacement Cost?

For the most part, a typical tile replacement in Miami-Dade will cost between $9.50 to $12.50 per roof square. There are cases when more expensive mediterranean tiles which require the use of the battens while have installation costs upwards of $16 a roof square due to the extra materials and labor.

It is recommended to use a polystick underlayment underneath tyle of a 80 mm thickness which is a more costly solution but will allow for a longer lasting roof.


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