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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems Overview

The popularity of metal roofs in South Florida has grown steadily over the past decade due to the need for a solution for homeowners who need to replace their roof with a durable solution that offers wind resistance and is energy efficient.

Classic metal roofing systems provided an alternative but were wrought with issues that made them a less than ideal choice. Specifically, thin gauge metal roofing panels were attached to the deck with exposed fasteners. Typically, these panels were aluminum or steel and electrostatically painted.

The problem with the exposed fasteners is the heavy rains and hot temperatures would cause the fasteners to corrode and loosen, allowing water to penetrate to the deck underneath. In addition, rust would drip from the fastener causing ugly streaks of orange while the inferior paint coating would fade easily.

Our company, Pro-form Roofing, uses high quality materials for our residential and commercial clients. With 30 years of experience, our metal roofing experts have the knowledge to perform a proper installation and advise from which fabricators to purchase the best metal roof materials.


What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Adverse climate conditions of heat and rain in South Florida forced engineers to develop standing seam roofing systems. So what is a standing seam metal roof? It gets its name due to the fact that individual metal panels are attached to the roof deck with clips and adjacent panels are crimped together over these clips forming a vertical running "seam". This process means that standing seam systems feature concealed fasteners which are protected from exposure to the rain and sunlight.

ENGLERT – National Metal Roofing Material Supplier in Florida

Englert is the best and most well-known coil supplier in Miami, Broward and adjacent areas. They take the highest quality US steel and coat it with the best paint coating available in the market known as Kynar. This coating is not only long lasting, but it is also energy efficient earning their product an energy star certification.

Master Builders Material and Supplies

Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturer in Florida

We recommend working with Master Builders Material and Supplies because they use the highest quality metal coils from Englert along with the best prices and fast lead times.

Standing Seam From A Specialty Roofing Manufacturer

Standing seam metal roofing panels and trim are custom fabricated for each individual roof. Roofers send in measurements in a list called a "cut sheet" that tells the fabricator what to make. The trims are bent and cut in a facility and then delivered to the home.

The actual metal roof panels are fabricated on-site with a rolling machine that decoils the metal and add the striations, cutting each panel to the length needed.

Standing Seam Retrofit Systems Features

They Have No Exposed Screws

As mentioned, a standing seam roof system is a concealed fastener system.

As the screws are protected from the elements, they will last considerably longer than their exposed fastener system counterparts. The process of seaming the metal creates a nearly impenetrable barrier to water.

Many of the systems have the addition of caulking that runs along the seam making the barrier extra watertight.

Mechanically Seamed

You will see the term mechanically seamed because there are several ways to seam metal roof panels together. Mechanical seaming is the most common and involves running a machine along the male and female leg of adjacent panels so that they crimped together. Below is a diagram of particular seam types most commonly found in South Florida.

Durability : Standing Seam Roofs Last Lifetime or Longer

Due to design of a standing seam panels, these roofs are very durable. The seam provides a barrier to not only water but to wind as well protecting the panels from being uplifted by powerful gusts of wind often found in a hurricane. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find roofers offering "Lifetime" limited warranties on their metal roofing services. Manufacturer warranties typically run at least 30-50 years with a standing seam metal roof's capacity to last 50-70 years with little-to-no maintenance.


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Options for Standing Seam Panels

There are several options when it comes to a standing seam metal roof besides the seam type. High quality materials are fabricated from either aluminum, or an alloy of steel, aluminum and zinc known as Galvalume. Aluminum is typically used by the water due to its anti-corrosive properties but Galvalume is a more cost-effective option for any property over a mile and a half from sea water.

Because the metal roofing panels are coated, there is a huge selection of colors available. In fact, upon request and for extra money, metal panels can even be custom coated a specific color. This makes standing seam and metal roofing in general, aesthetically versatile.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

One of the other issues not discussed with metal roofing systems is the aesthetic issue of "oil canning". This occurs when the underlying roof decks of existing roofs are uneven or warped and the metal roofing panels are placed on top. The metal will have minor dents and curves that become very visible once they are hit by sunlight at an angle.

In order to solve this problem, individual panels are often fabricated with vertical running striations that create the optical illusion of a perfectly flat panel. Oil canning is next to impossible to completely eliminate and it is recommended that every standing seam metal roof be fabricated with striated panels to keep the new roof aesthetically pleasing.

What Is Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

A snap lock system is slightly different than a mechanically seamed system in that it is not mechanically seamed. Rather the two adjacent snap lock panels "snap" together to form a tight fit. The addition of caulking protects from water intrusion causing a tight seal.

How much does standing seam metal roofing cost?

A typically standing seam metal roof in Miami or Broward will cost between $12-$15 a roof square for a full roof replacement residential applications. This is due to the extra material costs of thicker steel (24 gauge) and more extensive use of clips needed in this Zone 5 area where powerful storms and hurricanes are common. Galvalume is at the lower end of this range and aluminum at the higher end.

How Do You Install A Standing Seam Roof System?

We mentioned briefly how a standing seam roof is installed. A male panel with be attached to the deck with vertical 2" or 6" clips by fasteners made from an alloy or stainless steel. The adject female panel is then laid next to it with raised edges of both panels overlapping each other. The installer then runs the seamer along the whole length of the panel from the bottom of the roof to the ridge.

Because the fabricator is given the specific measurements from the installer taken from the roof deck once the old roof is removed, each panel is custom made to fit its location on the roof. Panels can also be custom cut on site.

Trim pieces for the ridge and edges of the roof provide protection for where each standing seam panel ends providing the roof with complete protection and a finished look.

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