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Metal Tile Roofing Systems Overview

Metal roofs have been around for many years in Miami and Broward as well as the rest of South Florida. The durability of metal has always been a desirable feature in areas where extreme weather the threat of major hurricanes is always lurking. Property owners have had to sacrifice the traditional look that something like Spanish tile brings to their home in order to get the benefits that a metal roof can offer.

However, the arrival of metal tile to the market from companies like Worthouse or Decra now allows for the homeowner to enjoy the classic look of tile with all the benefits of metal.

Our company, Pro-form Roofing, uses high quality materials for our residential and commercial clients. With 30 years of experience, our metal roofing experts have the knowledge to perform a proper installation and advise from which fabricators to purchase the best metal roof materials.


Metal Roof Tiles Are Durable

The best part about metal roofing materials in general is that they are made from steel and are, therefore, very strong and durable. Metal doesn't crack or break easily as opposed to clay or concrete tyles which can very easily get damaged creating the potential for a leak.

Energy Efficient

Besides being an eco friendly solution because the metal is recyclable, metal tile roofing can provide energy savings to the homeowner. A stone-coated metal tile roof is a poor conductor of heat due to the exterior finish. Worthouse metal tiles have sections that are raised above the roof deck which allows air flow pulling the warm air towards the ridge where a vented cloth allows it to escape.

Maintenance and Ease of Repair

Typically, metal tiles are modular meaning the roof is assembled in sections. This makes them easy to repair as a roofer can simply go on top of the roof and switch out the damaged section.

Because it is common for these metal tile roof systems to have exposed screws, a good maintenance plan would be to check the fasteners every 5 to 10 years to ensure they are secure and none are missing.

If the roof is installed with a secondary water barrier then the exposed screws will be less of an issue as any rain water that penetrates the new roof will simply land on the waterproof layer and run off.

Worthouse – Global Metal Roofing Manufacturer in Florida

If a homeowner is looking for the stile spanish tile or even clay tile roofing, Worthouse has a modular metal tile roof system that is direct-to-deck with a 50-year limited warranty that is both beautiful and durable. They offer both barrel and flat style using high-quality material with a cost comparable to standing seam metal roofs.

Master Builders Material and Supplies

Worthouse Metal Roof Supplier in Florida

Metal Tiles Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Metal roof tiles provide amazing curb appeal as they typically have a reflective paint surface when compared to other roofing materials like concrete or clay tiles.

However, one important consideration when finalizing your investment is the longevity of a particular metal tiles' finish. Stone coated metal tile roofing material which has stone granules with a slight sparkle to them can quickly fade as storm elements strip away the layers of granules.

A company like Worthouse offers a long-term warranty on their paint finish which is an important consideration when analyzing price and offer.

Should You Install A Metal Tile Roof System On Your Miami Home?

The two main considerations when determining whether or not a metal tile roofing is the right solution for a home are durability and style. Is the new roof able to withstand the elements and for how long. Check manufacturer warranties and material quality. Contractor warranties are much less valuable as many roofing companies come and go.

Metal Used To Manufacture Metal Tile Panels

The most common metal used in metal tile roofing in South Florida is steel. It is durable and keeps its form but can corrode easily in a wet climate. Therefore, the best panels blend steel with aluminum and zinc in order to improve the metals resistance to corrosion. One brand name for this blend is Galvalume.

Aluminum is a better option particularly by the water but it can be more expensive so its not always a possibility. Aluminum has the highest corrosion resistance out of most metals so that's why it is used in hurricane impact windows and doors in South Florida.

Secondly, explore the styles offered to make sure the roof is not only sturdy but that is adds some aesthetic value. Samples are the best way to get an idea up close but visiting actual homes with the product installed will give you the best idea of what the metal tile roof looks like on a home.


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Best Metal Roof Installation Services In Miami, FL

A good roofing contractor should be able to understand and explain the important characteristics of metal tile roofs to help a homeowner choose the best option. Price is a good indicator of quality because quality metal tile materials do not come cheap, but it is only a starting point. Contact a metal tile roof specialist like Pro-Form Roofing Co. for an estimate today and get the info and experience you need to make the best choice for your home.

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